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Biofloc Technique: Better alternative to fish farming in less area

Biofloc Technique: Better alternative to fish farming in less area

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 10/5/2021

In the era of the global pandemic Kovid-19, along with the decrease in the income of farmers, employment has also been badly affected. In such a situation, fish farming is a better option to increase the income of the farmers. We all know that it is very important to have a pond for fish farming. is ri. Small farmers do not have a big space for a pond, so it is a big problem for small farmers to join the business of fish farming. But do you know that fish farming business is possible even in less space. Now fish farming can be done successfully even in less space with Biofloc method. Let us get to know in detail on Biofloc fish farming.

What is Biofloc technology?

  • Biofloc is a new technique of fish farming, in which fishes are reared even in less space. In this method the fish are reared in the tank. The feces and extra food from the fish are converted into protein cells. Later it is used as fish feed.

Which fish are reared with Biofloc technology?

  • With this technique, variety of fishes like Pangasius, Tilapia, Indigenous Mangur, Singhi, Common Carp, Pabda, etc. can be reared.

Resources Required for Biofloc Technology

  • There should be electricity for fish farming using Biofloc technology. In the absence of electricity, it is not possible to raise fish with this technique.

  • Apart from this you also need cement tank, tarpaulin tank, aeration system, probiotics, fish seed.

What are the advantages of Biofloc technology?

  • Fishing can be done even without a pond.

  • This technique reduces the cost of fisheries.

  • Water is saved.

  • Fish can be reared in confined spaces.

  • Biofloc technology is low labor cost as compared to pond.

  • There is no risk of fish being stolen.

How much does Biofloc technology cost?

  • If you install a tank of 10 thousand liters, then it costs you about Rs 32,000. This tank can be used for 5 years.

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