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Benefits of using plastic mulching in different crops


During plastic mulching, a thin plastic film or sheet is applied to the field. Several holes are made in this sheet at a certain distance for sowing the seeds. The thickness of this sheet should be selected according to different types of crops and plants. If you are not aware of plastic mulching then read this post carefully. Here you can get information about advantages of plastic mulching at the time of sowing, precautions while applying plastic mulching and selection of plastic mulching.

Benefits of plastic mulching

  • The use of plastic mulching increases the yield of crops.

  • Plant roots develop smoothly.

  • There is less chance of weeds growing.

  • The moisture content is maintained in the field.

  • The soil of the field can be saved from hardening.

  • It also helps in preventing weeds.

Keep these things in mind while applying plastic mulching

  • Always apply plastic sheet in the morning or evening.

  • Do not stretch the sheet more than necessary while applying it. This may break the sheet.

  • While drilling holes in the sheet, take care of the irrigation hose as well.

  • Apply uniform soil on both sides of the plastic sheet.

How to choose plastic sheet?

Sheet width: According to different crops, the width of the plastic sheet should be from 90 cm to 180 cm.

Which color plastic sheet to choose?

Plastic sheet is available in many colors. In which many colors are included like black, blue, red, transparent, milky etc. The characteristics of some color sheets are as follows:

  • Transparent Film: It is used in the solarization of the land. This sheet can be selected for cultivation in cold weather.

  • Milky or shiny sheet: By its use, the moisture content in the soil is maintained. The soil temperature remains low and weeds are also controlled.

  • Black film: It is used to retain moisture in the soil. Weeds are controlled. Black sheet is commonly used for gardening.

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21 September 2021

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