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Benefits of Rain Water Harvesting


Rain water harvesting is also called rain water harvesting. The water level on the earth is continuously decreasing. Due to excessive rainfall in many areas in our country, flood situation arises. At the same time, due to severe drought in many areas, we have to struggle for every drop. In such a situation, rain water harvesting is a better option to overcome the problem of water scarcity. Now the question arises that what is rainwater harvesting and what are its benefits? If you are not yet aware of the answer to these questions, then read this post carefully. From here we will get some important information related to rainwater harvesting. Along with this, you will also get information on the benefits of this in agriculture sectors.

What is Rain Water Harvesting?

  • Rain water is conserved by this method. We can use rain water for various purposes as per our requirement.

What are the advantages of rainwater harvesting in agriculture?

  • When there is not enough water for irrigation or in case of drought, we can irrigate the plants by using the rain water.

  • Irrigation of crops with rainwater reduces the expenditure on water for irrigation.

  • We can also use the conserved rain water for drinking of animals.

  • Rain water can be used for bathing animals.

What are the benefits of rainwater harvesting?

  • The rain water can be used for commercial purposes.

  • Many household tasks like cleaning the house, bathing, washing clothes, cleaning utensils can also be done by conserving rainwater.

  • By sending rainwater inside the land, we can increase the level of fresh water present inside the ground.

  • By using rain water, supply water or underground water is saved.

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Somnath Gharami

Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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