Automatic reaper: Harvesting of crops will be easy


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These days the use of various tools in agricultural work is increasing. Due to the use of agricultural machinery, various agricultural works can be done very easily. By using tools in agricultural work, we can save both human labor and time. Reaper is also one of the tools used in agricultural work. Harvesting of crops can be done very easily with reaper. It is of two types, one tractor operated reaper and other automatic reaper. Let us get into detail on Automatic Reaper through this post.

What is Automatic Reaper?

  • Automatic reapers have their own engines.

  • This machine cuts the crop and drops it in a standing position on the ground on the other side equally.

  • Through this, 3 to 4 acres of crop can be easily harvested daily.

What crops can be harvested with a reaper?

  • Many crops like paddy, wheat, millet, soybean, jowar, oats, etc. can be harvested from the reaper.

Benefits of using Reaper

  • Due to its very fast movement, reaper can harvest more crops in less time.

  • The labor cost for harvesting the crops is reduced.

  • The machine is easy to maintain.

  • It is easy to carry the reaper from one place to another.

  • The stalks of the crop are not damaged by using this device.

  • Reaper spreads the crops in a row after harvesting. Due to which it is easy for the farmers to carry the crop by tying it.

  • Crops can be harvested at a height of about 3 to 8 inches above the ground surface.

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21 September 2021

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