Arhar: Remedies to protect against juice sucking insect


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There is an outbreak of many types of sap sucking insects in the tur crop. Such pests cause 30 to 50 percent damage to crops. Due to which there is a huge reduction in production and farmers are not able to get proper profits. In such a situation, it is very important to protect the tur crop from these pests. From here you can see the identification of some sucking insects, the damage caused by them and the measures to prevent them.

  • Mahu: These insects are dark brown or black in colour. They damage plants by sucking the sap of flowers and fruits. To avoid this, spray with imidacloprid 1 ml per liter of water.

  • Arhar Phali Bag: These pests are green and brown in color. Its length is about 2 cm. These insects suck the sap of stems, leaves, flowers and beans. As the outbreak progresses, the pods shrink and the grains remain small. To avoid this, spray Dimethoate 30 EC or Imidacloprid 17.8 SL.

  • Pod bug: The female insect lays eggs in groups on the pods. Both the larva and the adult of this insect suck the juice of beans and grains. Due to which the pods become oblong and the grains shrink. If possible destroy the eggs to reduce its outbreak. To get rid of this, sprinkle 50 ml country hawk in 150 liters of water.

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We hope that by using the medicines mentioned in this post, you can save the tur crop from various sucking insects. If you found this information important, then like this post and also share it with other farmers. Ask us your questions related to this through comments.

21 September 2021

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