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Are these pests and diseases harming your cabbage crop?

Are these pests and diseases harming your cabbage crop?

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 6/5/2020

There are many types of diseases in the cauliflower crop. Apart from various diseases, the crop is also prone to pests. If these insect -diseases are also harming your crop, then you can get rid of their wrath by using the medicines/pesticides given below.

  • Scorching disease: The leaves of the affected plants appear scorched from the edges. As the disease progresses, the entire leaf gets scorched. This disease usually occurs in the summer season. You can avoid this disease by spraying Mancozeb 3 gm or 2.5 gm copper oxychloride per liter of water.

  • Leaf spot disease: In this disease, white colored spots are formed on the lower surface of the leaves. To avoid this disease, spray Mancozeb 3 grams per liter of water.

  • Plant rot disease: In this disease, the stem starts turning black from near the ground, which rots and falls in a few days. Treat the seeds with Thyrum or Captan before planting. Spraying of Mancozeb 3 grams per liter of water can also prevent the outbreak of this disease.

  • Mahu: These insects of small size suck the juice of the leaves, due to which the leaves turn yellow. This pest can be got rid of by spraying 20 to 25 kg of 10% carboryl powder per hectare of land.

  • Hemispherical Pests: These types of insects damage the crop by eating the leaves. 1.5 ml Malathion 50 EC per liter of water. You can get rid of this pest by spraying.

  • Cattle caterpillar: These are the most damaging pests of cabbage crop. Their outbreak is more during the night. Spraying of 10 kg phorate 10 g per hectare of land gives relief from this pest.

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