Agricultural work to be done at the end of January

लेखक : Pramod

You can get high quality crops by doing the following agricultural work in the crops at the end of January month. If you do agriculture, then from here you can get information about the agricultural work done in different crops.

  • Wheat: Irrigate late varieties of wheat about 15 to 20 days after sowing. If there is a terror of rats in the field, keep the cage at a distance of about 10 meters in the field. Apart from this, you can also kill rats by using zinc phosphide.

  • Pumpkin Category Vegetables: You can earn good profits by doing early cultivation of Pumpkin class vegetables like Pumpkin, Gourd, Pumpkin, etc. This time is suitable for early cultivation of these vegetables. Prepare the field for sowing of Pumpkin, Gourd, Pumpkin, etc.

  • Lentils: For a good crop of lentils, control weeds by weeding. Irrigate the field as needed.

  • Litchi: In the month of January, there is an outbreak of litchi mite, litchi mite, leaf miner, fruit borer, etc. in litchi trees. If symptoms of infestation of litchi mite, litchi mite (gray mite), leaf miner are observed, cut and destroy the affected branches and twigs. To control litchi weevils, spray Lethal Super 505 @ 1 ml per liter of water.

  • Amla: Use cow dung, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash before flowering in plants. Irrigation must be done after the application of manure. Do not use salt water to irrigate plants.

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21 September 2021

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