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Aeroponics Farming: A Unique Technique of Air Farming


Due to many reasons like increasing population, global warming, changing weather, etc., there is a shortage of arable land day by day. To overcome this problem, scientists have invented a new agricultural technology. This technique is aeroponics farming. Potatoes have been successfully cultivated in the air through this unique technique. Plants do not require soil, water and sunlight in aeroponics farming. Let us discuss aeroponics farming in detail.

How is Aeroponics farming done?

  • In this technique, plant tissue is implanted in a hole in a plastic sheet.

  • The roots of the plants are braided in a box.

  • Nutrient supplements are given in the air.

  • After some time, potatoes are planted in the hanging root in the box, then the potatoes are plucked and separated.

What are the advantages of aeroponics farming?

  • With this method, the production can increase up to 12 times.

  • If cultivated with this technique, 50 to 60 potatoes can be obtained from each plant.

  • Plants do not require soil and water to grow.

  • There is a reduction in the cost of plowing the field, irrigation, etc.

  • In this technique, plants are not affected by weather, animals or any other external, biotic and abiotic factors.

  • The chances of getting pests and diseases are reduced.

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21 September 2021

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