Advantages and disadvantages of aquaponics farming


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In the coming few years, the lack of cultivable land due to the increasing population and the lack of water for irrigation due to the decreasing water level can emerge as a major problem in the agriculture sector. In such a situation, aquaponics farming technology can become a big relief. Vegetables can also be cultivated along with fish farming in less space through aquaponics farming. Let us know through this post the advantages and disadvantages of aquaponics farming.

Benefits of aquaponics farming

  • You can earn more profit by doing fish farming and vegetable farming together.

  • Fish water is used in plants, which saves water.

  • The need for manures and fertilizers is less as compared to conventional farming.

  • Yields increase by 20 to 25 percent.

  • High quality crop is obtained.

  • Agriculture can also be done on land which is not suitable for agriculture. Aquaponics farming can be done easily in saline land, desert, sandy land, etc.

disadvantages of aquaponics farming

  • The cost of starting aquaponics technology is high.

  • Lack of knowledge of fish farming, bacteria and plants can lead to losses.

  • Even a minor accident can cause the whole system to fail.

  • Electricity is required to run circuits, motors, etc.

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21 September 2021

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