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20 May 2021
ब्रोकोली की खेती - कुछ महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी Broccoli Farming in India, Broccoli ki kheti kaise kare How to start broccoli farming in india, some important information regarding broccoli farming in open land. Broccoli ki kheti kaise kare? Buying link- Buveria Bassiana - Neem oil 1 ltr. - Neem pesticide (10,000ppm) - Amino Acid - Micronutrient fertilizer - Amino acid+micro nutrients 1 ltr - Amino acid + humic acid + micronutrient - Broccoli seeds 10 gm - Broccoli seeds 2gm - Buy agricultural accessories, fertilizer, growth promoter, vegetable seeds and organic products online at best price - बूवेरिया बसियाना क्या है, यह कैसे काम करता है? Complete information about Buveria Bassiana. ब्रोकोली नर्सरी तैयार करने की सम्पूर्ण जानकारी Broccoli nursery preparation complete information. ब्रोकोली की खेती कैसे करे Broccoli farming in India - Broccoli is an english vegetable that grows very well in low temperature zones. In India broccoli farming can be done successfully in winter season and in automatic temperature controlled green house broccoli is grown all around the year. Broccoli nursery is prepared in September to October and transplanted in October to november. It takes 80 to 120 days for harvesting as per different varieties, like early varieties takes 75- 80 days to mature where as late variety takes 85 - 90 days to mature. Broccoli ki kheti kaise kare, Broccoli farming in India, Broccoli farming information, Broccoli ki kheti kaise ki jati he, Broccoli ki kheti karne ka tarika, Broccoli farming hindi, Broccoli ki kheti hindi,

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