Beej se bajar tak
Deepak Singh

Deepak Singh

9 December 2021
ବାଇଗଣ ର ଝାଉଁଳା ରୋଗ ହେବନାହିଁ // ଝାଉଁଳା ରୋଗ // wilting of brinjal farming ବାଇଗଣ ର ଝାଉଁଳା ରୋଗ ହେବନାହିଁ // ଝାଉଁଳା ରୋଗ // wilting of brinjal farming As it's important for brinjal farming that wilting problem may be continued during flowering if proper care was not taken in timely what in this video the details of a to z has been explained and display details step by step. #Kurefultv #baiganachasa #brinjalfarming follow us- your queries- wilting problem in brinjal farming how to start brinjal farming Brinjal farming details disease of brinjal farming wilting disease of brinjal baigana chasa kemiti karanti baigana chasa kipari karajae baigana chasa pranali baigana chasa re roga poka baigan chasa ra safala sutra baigana chasa re jhaunla jhaunla roga ra upachar thanks for watching Kureful tv channel.

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