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dnyaneshwar wakhare

dnyaneshwar wakhare

24 March
Integrated Fish, Duck and Goat Farming System | Integrated Fish and Livestock Farm Design Livestock and fish integration maximizes food production and economic return per unit area of land. Its main benefit comes from the conversion of livestock wastes into protein. More important is the indirect fertilization effects, livestock wastes entering the pond thus enhancing microbial and plankton production which contributed to fish nutrition. The pond also serves as a waste treatment system, otherwise polluting manure. The basic principles for the livestock-fish integrated farming system are full utilization of livestock farm wastes and conversion of waste into valuable fish protein. The spilled overfeed or feed derived from livestock manure may be utilized as direct feed or the manure from livestock helps in the production of planktons which form the feed for fishes in the pond. In this integrated farming system optimal stocking density with desired fish species, optimum utilization of manure and lime also play an important role in the successful production of fish. Excess manuring with livestock excreta may cause poor water quality and may lead to depletion of dissolved oxygen in the water causing mortality to fishes. The livestock-fish farming may be extensive, intensive, or semi-intensive system depending upon the availability of resources and capital. ___________________________________________ 0:00 Integrated Fish and Livestock Farming 0:37 Introduction 0:50 Basic principles for integrated livestock-fish farming 1:50 Fish species for integrated livestock-fish farming 3:22 Ideal housing for livestock and fish integrated farming system 4:10 Management of pond in the integrated livestock-fish system 6:12 Stocking and harvesting time of fishes 8:30 Integrated Fish, Duck and Goat Farming 9:34 Bottom line ___________________________________________ Join this channel to get access to perks: ___________________________________________ Visit Our Website : SUBSCRIBE: Discover Agriculture YouTube Channel: EMAIL: FOLLOW US ON: Official Facebook Page: Official Instagram: Instagram: Facebook: Instagram: Facebook: ___________________________________________ Integrated Fish, Duck and Goat Farming System | Integrated Fish and Livestock Farm Design Tags: integrated farming, integrated farming system, integrated farming system model, integrated fish duck and goat farming, integrated livestock and fish farming, integrated fish and livestock farming, integrated fish farming, integrated duck farming, integrated duck and fish farming, integrated goat and fish farming, integrated goat farming, integrated fish and duck farming, integrated livestock farming, integrated livestock farming system, integrated fish and goat farming #IFS #IntegratedFarmingSystem #FarmDesign #Agriculture #Farming #DiscoverAgriculture

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