Turnip: Cultivate these varieties, there will be more yield


Author : Somnath Gharami

Turnips are one of the major vegetables cultivated in the cold season. It can be cultivated successfully even in rainy season. It is a root crop. It is most commonly used as a salad. Apart from this, its vegetables are also made. Many nutrients are found in turnips like anti-oxidants, vitamin C, minerals, fiber, etc. Being beneficial for health, its demand starts increasing during the cold season. By cultivating it, you can also earn good profit in less time. Before cultivating turnip, it is necessary to know about its improved varieties and their characteristics. Let us get to know about some of the improved varieties of turnips through this post.

Some Improved Varieties of Turnips

  • White 4: This variety is suitable for cultivation in rainy season. It is one of the early maturing varieties. The color of the tubers is white as snow. It takes 50 to 55 days for the crop to become ready. If cultivated per acre of field, the yield is about 80 quintals.

  • Red 4: Which one is suitable for cultivation in cold weather? Its tubers are medium sized and round. It takes 60 to 70 days for the crop to be ready.

  • Pusa Sweti: This variety is suitable for early sowing. It is sown in the month of August-September. The tubers of this variety are white in color and shiny. The crop is ready after about 40 to 45 days of sowing.

  • Pusa Chandrima: It takes 55 to 60 days for this variety of crop to become ready. The tubers of this variety are round in shape and tasty to eat. It is one of the high yielding varieties. Yields range from 80 to 100 quintals per acre of land.

  • Pusa Kanchan: The tubers of this variety are sweet and fragrant. The tubers are red in color from above and the pulp inside is yellow in colour. It is an early maturing variety.

  • Purple Top: Its tubers are large in size. The upper part of the tuber is purple in color and the anus is white. The tubers of this variety are solid and smooth from above. It is one of the high yielding varieties.

Apart from these varieties, many other varieties of turnip are also cultivated on a large scale. In which varieties like Pusa Swarnima, Snowball etc. are included.

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21 September 2021


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