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successful farmer story

successful farmer story

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 16/9/2020

Meet Prempal ji. He is a farmer by profession. Prempal ji, who lives in Samanpur village of Uttar Pradesh, has 5 acres of land. In which they cultivate crops like maize, potato, paddy, wheat etc.

Despite doing agriculture for many years, difficulties were faced in procuring these high quality seeds, manures, fertilizers and pesticides. Prempal ji was not getting proper profits due to lack of information related to agriculture at the right time and lack of knowledge of new technology. By using the medicines prescribed by various shopkeepers, sometimes the crops were good and sometimes they had to face losses.

Then they met in the countryside. Prempal ji is associated with the countryside for the last 1 year. By connecting with the countryside, they get information about the cultivation of different crops, selection of crops according to the season, information about new technologies on time. Now they do not have to go to many shops to buy high quality agricultural material.

Prempal ji purchases seeds, fertilizers, fertilizers etc. at reasonable prices from the countryside center. According to the opinion of experts, by using medicines and insecticides, it also saves its crop from the outbreak of many diseases and pests. Agricultural scientists also come to inspect their crops. Due to these facilities, the yield of crops has increased and they have got more profit as compared to other years.

Along with all these facilities, Prempal Ji also takes advantage of the facilities available from Dehat Kisan App. Now they do not even need middlemen to sell their products. Prempal ji goes to the countryside center and sells the products at reasonable prices.

If you are also a successful farmer and your difficulties have become easy by joining the countryside, then share your story with other farmers of the country. Thank you for joining Countryside!

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