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farming of garlic

farming of garlic

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 12/10/2020

In our country, garlic is cultivated on a large scale in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Haryana. Its buds are used raw and cooked. It has a special place among spices due to its pungent taste and strong aroma. If you want to cultivate it this season, then get information from here.

soil and climate

  • For its cultivation, choose sandy loamy soil rich in organic matter for good yield.

  • Apart from this, it can be cultivated in medium black soil to loamy soil.

  • The pH level of the soil should be 5.8 to 6.5.

  • In moderately cold climate we can get high quality crops.

Seed quantity

  • 225 to 250 kg of seed is required for cultivation per acre of field.

Field preparation and amount of fertilizer

  • First, do deep plowing 1-2 times with a soil turning plow.

  • After this, make the soil friable by doing light plowing 2-3 times.

  • At the time of last tillage, add 8 to 10 tonnes of decomposed cow dung or composted manure per acre of field.

  • 40 kg of nitrogen, 20 kg of phosphorus and 20 kg of potash are required per acre of field.

  • Mix full amount of Phosphorus and Potash and half dose of Nitrogen equally at the time of last plowing of the field.

  • Spray remaining nitrogen 30-35 days after sowing.

  • Prepare the beds in the field for sowing.

  • Sowing in beds makes it easier to irrigate and control weeds.

Irrigation and Weed Control

  • Give first irrigation immediately after sowing.

  • After this, irrigation should be given at an interval of 8 to 10 days as per the requirement.

  • To control weeds, keep weeding and hoeing in the field from time to time.

  • Within 72 hours of sowing, spraying of 200 liters of water per acre with 1 liter of pandimethalin can get rid of weeds.


  • When the leaves turn yellow by about 50 percent, then the time is suitable for its harvesting.

  • The crop is ready for harvesting about 135 to 150 days after sowing.

  • Stop irrigation in the field 15 days before harvesting.

  • Uproot the plants and tie them into small bunches and let them dry in the sun for 2-3 days.

  • After that clean its knots.

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By cultivating garlic in the manner described in this post, you can get the best crop of garlic. If you liked this information then please like our post. Ask us questions related to garlic cultivation through comments.

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