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different methods of irrigation

different methods of irrigation

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 5/2/2021

Be it humans, animals or plants, water is important for everyone. Without water, everyone's life gets disturbed. Lack of water also hinders the growth of crops. Sometimes the plants also start drying up. In such a situation, water is supplied to the plant through irrigation. Get more information about irrigation and its different methods from here.

Who is Irrigation?

  • Irrigation is the process of giving water artificially in case of drought or in case of lack of rainfall to meet sufficient moisture content in the soil.

benefits of irrigation

  • Water shortage in crops is fulfilled.

  • Trees and other crops are protected from extreme cold.

  • Soil does not dry out and harden.

  • The growth of weeds is also controlled for some time.

different methods of irrigation

  • Surface Irrigation: This method has been used for centuries. Even today, this method is used for irrigation in 95 percent of some irrigated areas. In this method, irrigation is done in the crops by making beds, making bunds, water logging, Kantwa method, Thala method, etc.

  • Shower Irrigation: In this method water is sprayed on the crops in the form of raindrops or spray through a pipeline. Irrigation by this method saves up to 25 to 30 percent of water as compared to surface irrigation.

  • Drip Irrigation: In this method, water is applied drop by drop to the roots of the plants. Irrigation by this method saves water. This is the best method of irrigation for areas lacking sufficient amount of water for irrigation.

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