Work to be done in vegetable crops this week

Author : Lohit Baisla

Different vegetables are cultivated in different seasons in our country. Many types of nutrients are found in all vegetables. Many times it happens that farmers do not get proper profits from the cultivation of vegetables. The main reason for this is lack of information. Due to lack of proper information, farmers are unable to take proper care of the plants. Which directly affects the yield and quality of vegetables. In such a situation, to overcome this problem of yours, we have brought some important information. Through this post, you can get information about the work to be done in vegetable crops this week.

  • The most important thing is to regularly monitor your crops.

  • Farmers cultivating vegetables should do weeding and hoeing in the field at this time. It will prove helpful in the development of the crop.

  • To control the infestation of white flies and other sap-sucking insects in all crops and vegetables, spray Imidacloprid 17.8 percent SC in 3 liters of water by mixing 2.0 ml.

  • To control shoot and fruit borer in brinjal and tomato crops, infected fruits and branches should be collected and buried in the soil.

  • Apply 8-10 pheromone traps per acre of field. If the number of pests is high, then after clearing the weather, sprinkle 1 ml Spinosad 48 EC in 4 liters of water.

  • In the current season, the risk of spreading virus infection increases in crops like chilli, capsicum, tomato etc. To prevent the spread of various virus infections, infected plants should be uprooted and buried in the soil or destroyed by burning.

  • After removing the infected plants from the field, sprinkle 0.3 ml imidacloprid per liter of water.

  • To increase the number of flowers and fruits in plants and to prevent them from falling, spray with 2 ml Dehat Fruit Plus 5 ml Activator in 15 liters of water.

We hope that by following the information given in this post, you will be able to cultivate high quality vegetables. If you found this information necessary, then like this post and ask us your questions related to it through comments.

21 September 2021


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