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Work to be done in different crops in the month of February

Work to be done in different crops in the month of February

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 5/2/2021

In the month of February, the cold starts decreasing. Flowers can also be cultivated during this time. It is also an appropriate time for sowing of spring and summer crops. Which crops should be cultivated this month and get information about the agricultural work to be done in different crops from here.

  • Sunflower: If you have not sown it yet, sow it by mid-February. In the crops sown in January, give first irrigation on 30 to 35 days. Also do nitrogen top dressing. If weeds are coming out, do weeding and tilling the soil.

  • Mustard: The mustard seeds start ripening in the month of February. Irrigate once in mustard crop at this time. This increases the yield. Harvest the crop when the pods turn yellow. When harvesting is delayed, the pods begin to burst, the grains are scattered.

  • Pumpkin Category Vegetables: Transplant the nursery grown pumpkin category vegetables like Pumpkin, Gourd, Pumpkin, etc. in the main field. If you have not sown these vegetables yet, then sow these vegetables in this month.

  • Watermelon-melon-cucumber: For the cultivation of watermelon, cantaloupe and cucumber, plow the field 2-3 times. At the time of plowing, apply 26 kg nitrogen, 22 kg phosphorus and 16 kg potash per acre of field. For better yield, also use cow dung or compost manure.

  • Sugarcane: Prepare the field for sowing of spring sugarcane. Sow healthy seeds after treatment.

  • Guava: Harvest ripe fruits. Prune the trees after harvesting the fruits.

  • Fodder Crops: Harvest fodder crops like berseem, rijka, oats, etc. Irrigation must be done after harvesting. This will speed up the growth of the crop.

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