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Wheat Irrigation

Wheat Irrigation

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 14/12/2020

Do you know at what stages irrigation should be done for high yield of wheat?

What is the opinion of experts about wheat irrigation? Let us understand in detail.

Wheat yield, seed selection, sowing and irrigation depending on the condition of the field mainly depends on the availability of water. Wheat crop is very sensitive to timely sowing and irrigation. Wheat should be irrigated on the basis of availability of water and water holding capacity of the soil at the following stages.

  1. If you apply one irrigation then do it between 20-25 days i.e. at the time of top root formation.
  2. If you do two irrigations, then between 20-25 days and 80-85 days i.e. at the time of head root formation and at the time of earing.
  3. If you do three irrigations, do it between 20-25 days, at 65-70 and 90-100 days at the time of top root formation, at the time of Gabha and at the time of milking of the grains.
  4. If you do four irrigations, then between 20-25 days, 40-45, 65-70 and 90-100 days i.e. at the time of head root formation, at the end of flowering stage, at the time of Gabha and milk in grains Do it while filling. For any query related to your crop, call the countryside toll-free number 18001036110.
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