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Weed Management in Ginger Cultivation

Weed Management in Ginger Cultivation

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 20/7/2020

The cultivation of ginger gives more yield in comparison to other crops at very low cost. But if care is not taken while cultivating it, then the problem of weeds can increase. Weeds reduce the yield and quality of crops. You can adopt the measures given here for weed control in ginger crop.

  • Sow the tubers in the beds or in the line by making bunds. This makes weeding easier.

  • After transplanting, spread mulch in the field. This will improve germination as well as reduce the problem of weeds.

  • Even after laying mulch, if weeds emerge in the field, then it should be removed by weeding.

  • When the height of the plants is 20-25 cm above the ground surface, then soil should be applied to the roots of the plants.

  • After the first weeding, 2-3 weedings should be done at the interval of every 25 days. By hoeing, the ginger tuber gets proper movement of nutrients as well as air.

  • During the formation of ginger tubers, some buds start coming out near the roots. Remove these buds. This increases the size of the tuber.

  • To remove the buds, you can take the help of a scraper.

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