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Various tools to control weeds

Various tools to control weeds

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 1/3/2021

To increase the quality and yield of crops, it is necessary to control weeds. Many times, farmers troubled by the abundance of weeds, use various weedicides to get rid of it. Weed killer is harmful to the soil of the field as well as to the crops and our health. In such a situation, weeding is a better option to control weeds. Various machines can be used for weeding and weeding. Let us get to know in detail about the various tools for controlling weeds.

  • Khurpi: This is a small device for controlling weeds. Due to the small size of this machine, it becomes very difficult to do weeding and hoeing in a large field. However, it is very useful for weed control in small areas. With this, the work of weeding and hoeing can be done very cleanly.

  • Shovel and Spade: These instruments have straight and curved blades. With the help of this device, it is easy to remove the weeds from the root along with the harvesting of the plants. The use of these machines requires a lot of effort.

  • Animal-driven weeding machines: These machines are pulled and operated by animals. These instruments include Tripali, Akola, Dora, Bardoli, etc. The width of the blade is selected according to the distance of the beds in the field.

  • Kono Weeder: This device consists of two rotors, float and frame which are connected with the handle. The rotor is 3 cm back and forth, so that the weeds come out from the root. The depth is controlled by the float. Kono weeder is mostly used in paddy crop. Apart from the paddy crop, it can also be used in many other crops, which have been sown in rows.

  • Wheel Handle: These devices have 1 or 2 wheels and 1 long handle. The weed is controlled by pulling the machine back and forth with the help of the handle. This device is provided with straight blades, dimensional hoe, spike harrow, tine cultivar, etc. for various types of soil. Weeds can be cut or removed from the root with the help of this device. Along with this, the grass can also be cut and pressed into the soil.

  • Automatic Rotary Power Weeder: It is a digital engine driven machine. There are many uses of this device. These include sugarcane, maize, cotton, tomato, brinjal, pulses. Apart from these crops, it can also be used in many other crops in which the distance between rows is more than 450 mm. Sweep blade, riser and trolley etc. are fitted with this device. On each of its discs, there are curved blades in the opposite direction of each other, due to which weeds and grass are cut and mixed in the soil.

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