Turmeric: Seed Treatment

Author : Dr. Pramod Murari

Seed treatment means inoculating crops before disease. Farmer brothers who want more yield, healthy and strong crop, pay attention. 2 grams Dissolve Fulstop or Blytox in 1 liter of water. The amount of solution should be twice that of the seed i.e. 1 kg. Make 2 liters of solution for the seeds. Put turmeric tubers in this solution for half an hour, now take out the seeds and dry them in the shade for 20-25 minutes and then sow them in the field. At the time of last plowing of the field 3 kg. Humino and 250g. Rootguard must be applied at the rate of per acre. By doing this, the knot of turmeric becomes big.

21 September 2021


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