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Tractor: Know Its Types and Functions

Tractor: Know Its Types and Functions

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 20/8/2021

Tractor is an integral part of modern agricultural machinery. In this, many agricultural tasks can be done by connecting different agricultural machines. But do you know that there are many types of tractors too? If you are also not aware of different types of tractor and its functions then read this post carefully. Let us get to know in detail about this topic.

  • Utility Tractor: It is most commonly used for sowing and haulage. Apart from this, it is also used to tie the instruments in it and drag them over the soil. In this type of tractor, harvesting is also done by adding machines like Harvester, Thresher etc.

  • Orchard Type Tractor : It is suitable for the farmers doing fruit horticulture. They are of low power and high. Due to which the high branches of the trees can be easily reached. This tractor can be driven fast in less space.

  • Raw Crop Tractor: With this tractor, the crop can be sown in a straight line in the field. By using this we can get maximum productivity of the crop.

  • Garden Tractor: These are the smallest tractors. It is used in gardens. Best suited for small and large agricultural operations in orchards.

  • Two and three wheel tractors: Generally we all have seen 4 wheeled tractors. But 2 and 3 wheeled tractors are also available in the market. 2 wheel tractor is also known as hum rotary tiller. This type of tractor will prove to be very useful for small farmers.

Apart from these, many other types of tractors are also available. Including Industrial Tractors, Driverless Tractors, Earth Moving Tractors, etc. But these tractors are used in construction sites and industry works instead of agricultural works.

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We hope you liked this information. If you liked this information then also share this post with other farmers. So that this information can reach more and more farmers. Ask us your questions related to this through comments.

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