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Tips to avoid rain and thunderstorms when you are out of the house

Tips to avoid rain and thunderstorms when you are out of the house

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 9/7/2020

These days there are reports of heavy damage due to lightning. The wrath of rain and thunderstorms is also affecting the farmers. It is advised to stay indoors to avoid it during rain and thunderstorm. But for the farmers working in the field, staying at home is no less than a difficult task. In such a situation, if you are away from home or working in the fields, then you can keep yourself safe by adopting some of the measures given here.

preventive measures

  • If you are working in the field, then remove the metal agricultural machinery from yourself when the electricity strikes.

  • If you are outside the house and there is lightning in the sky, first try to reach a safe place with a strong roof.

  • Do not take shelter in a house with a roof made of tin and any metal. Metal attracts lightning.

  • Stay away from places like electric poles, green trees, water bodies, mobile towers etc.

  • Stay away from dry grass, straw etc. There is a possibility of fire due to lightning.

  • If you have other people with you, don't hold each other's hands and walk away from each other.

  • Do not lie on the ground. Nor keep bare feet.

  • If you are outside the house, keep dry objects like wood, plastic, sack etc. under your feet to protect yourself from coming in contact with the ground.

  • If there is no means to protect yourself, then keep both your feet together. Keeping both the hands on the knees, tilt your head towards the ground. Take care that your head and hands do not touch the ground.

  • Do not use electrical equipment. If you have a mobile phone, turn it off immediately.

  • Close the ears with your hand. Due to this loud sound will not harm the ears.

  • Do not use an umbrella made of metal.

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