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Symptoms of Boron deficiency in various crops

Symptoms of Boron deficiency in various crops

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 29/12/2020

Plants require many major and micronutrients. If the plants do not get the right amount of nutrients at the right time, then the symptoms of nutrient deficiency start appearing in the plants. Boron is one of the various nutrients required by crops. See the benefits of boron in plants and different crops, symptoms of deficiency and methods of supply from here.

benefits of boron

  • Boron prevents fruit from cracking.

  • It controls the process of water absorption in plants.

  • It helps in pollination and reproduction.

  • Boron is helpful in controlling the ratio of calcium and potassium in plants.

  • Due to its use, the development of root glands of pulse crops is done smoothly.

What are the symptoms of Boron deficiency?

  • Lack of boron causes the leaves to become thick and twisted.

  • Fruit cracking is a problem.

  • Inhibits the growth of plants.

  • Due to the deformed roots of the plant, the plants become bushy.

  • Cracks begin to appear on the stem and leaf stalks of the plants.

  • Plants have fewer buds, flowers, and fruits.

How to supply Boron?

  • Spray borax to make up for the deficiency of boron in the plants.

  • Spray with 1 gram boron per liter of water.

  • Before sowing, plow the soil by adding boron in appropriate quantity.

  • It can also be accomplished through sprinkler method and drip method.

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