Save tomatoes from bursting like this, healthy and attractive tomatoes will get good prices

Author : Dr. Pramod Murari

The problem of bursting of fruits is increasing in front of the farmers cultivating tomatoes. This problem is more during the ripening time of fruits. Due to lack of information, farmers have to face huge losses. If you too are troubled by the problem of tomato cultivation and fruit burst, then read this post carefully. From here you can get information about the reason for bursting of tomato fruits and how to get rid of this problem. So let's go through this problem in detail.

cause of tomato fruit cracking

  • If the irrigation is not done at the right time, the fruits start cracking.

  • The problem of fruit cracking starts even when there is a shortage of boron.

  • Due to the change in temperature, the fruits of tomatoes also start cracking.

  • Excessive use of nitrogen in plants at the time of flowering.

  • Potash deficiency also causes this problem.

Ways to prevent tomato fruit from cracking

  • Do not let the soil lack moisture. Irrigate at a fixed interval.

  • To meet the deficiency of boron, use 3 to 4 kg of country neobor per acre of field.

  • Reduce the use of urea after the plants flower. Use water soluble NPK 19:19:19 fertilizer instead of urea.

  • Mix potash in the main field before transplanting the plants. This will fill the potash deficiency in the plants.

  • Use a sticker mixed with 2 grams of Boron 20% per liter of water.

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We hope this information will prove to be important for you. If you liked the information given in this post, then like it and also share it with other farmers. So that other farmer friends can also take advantage of this information and save tomato fruits from bursting. Ask us your questions related to tomato cultivation through comments.

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21 September 2021


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