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Risk and prevention of scab disease in apple

Risk and prevention of scab disease in apple

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 29/7/2020

These days, the problem of apple cultivators has increased due to the spread of scab disease in apple orchards. According to horticulture experts, delay in spraying insecticides is the main reason for the occurrence of this disease. With the onset of the rainy season, the amount of moisture in the air has increased. Due to change in weather and excessive moisture in the air, this disease is spreading rapidly. Plants are weakening due to this disease and leaves and fruits are being damaged a lot.

Symptoms of the disease:

  • Initially, small spots start forming on the leaves. As the disease progresses, the color of these spots changes and the spots appear brown or black in color. The leaves affected by the disease also become crooked in shape and the leaves start falling.

  • It also has a great effect on fruits. The shape of apple fruits becomes crooked and fruit development stops. Black-brown raised hard spots are formed on the fruits. Sometimes the fruits also start bursting due to this disease.

  • If the scab disease spreads to the twigs, then blisters form on the twigs of the plants and the twigs become weak and break.

Prevention Measures:

  • To avoid scab disease, sprinkle 600 grams Mancozeb in 200 liters of water when apples are walnut-sized.

  • To get rid of this disease, spray 600 gm propineb 0.3% in 200 liters of water.

  • If Propineb 0.3% is not available, you can also spray Dodin 0.075% at 150 g in 200 L of water.

  • Spraying with 500 ml of water mixed with Tebuconazole 8% and Captan 32% in case of untimely leaf drop is treated.

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