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Rain Gun : Modern Irrigation and Spraying Machine

Rain Gun : Modern Irrigation and Spraying Machine

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 6/8/2021

Farmers have to work day and night to get high quality crops. In such a situation, many modern agricultural implements are being invented to help the farmers and to make agricultural work easier. Whatever crop we cultivate, regular irrigation is required in the crops to get good yield. There are many types of irrigation equipment available in the market to make irrigation work easier. One of which is the rain gun irrigation device. It is a modern agricultural machine which can irrigate crops in a very short time. Water is sprayed like rain from this device, due to which uniform irrigation is done in the entire field. Let us get detailed information on the benefits of rain gun irrigation equipment.

Advantages of Rain Gun

  • Irrigation is easy.

  • Irrigation of crops saves time and cost.

  • The machine is easy to maintain.

  • Irrigation can be done by rotating the rain gun machine from 0 to 360 degrees.

  • With this device, up to 211 liters of water can be sprayed in a minute.

  • The rain gun can control the distance of the water flow from the machine.

  • Water is sprayed from the rain gun, so that there is no drought anywhere in the field.

  • Water soluble fertilizer can also be sprayed by this device.

  • Due to the sprinkling of water like rain, the dust on the leaves gets cleaned.

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