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Prepare the field in this way for mustard cultivation

Prepare the field in this way for mustard cultivation

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 12/9/2020

Mustard is mainly cultivated among oilseed crops. Oil is extracted from its grains and the grains are also used as spices. Various dishes are made from its leaves. See the method of preparation of the field for mustard cultivation from here.

Time of sowing

  • In Bundelkhand and Agra regions it can be sown till October 15.

  • In other areas, the months of October to November are best suited for its sowing.

farm preparation

  • Mustard grains are small, so for its cultivation it is necessary to have friable soil.

  • For its cultivation, first of all, do deep plowing 1 time with a soil-reversing plow.

  • After this, do light plowing 2 to 3 times

  • After plowing, apply a pat to make the soil of the field level and friable.

  • If the soil of the field is dry, mulch it to retain the moisture.

  • Do not allow water logging in the field. Make suitable arrangements for drainage.

  • At the time of last tillage, add 4 to 5 tonnes of decomposed cow dung per acre of field. Compost manure can also be used instead of cow dung manure.

  • Mustard crop requires 50 kg of nitrogen, 24 kg of phosphorus and 24 kg of potash per acre of field.

  • Apply half the amount of nitrogen i.e. 25 kg nitrogen in the field before sowing.

  • After about 25 to 30 days after sowing, spray remaining 25 kg of nitrogen.

  • To protect the crop from diseases, apply 4 to 5 kg of Trichoderma viridi per acre of land.

  • 2 to 2.5 kg of seed is required for cultivation per acre of land.

  • Before sowing, treat 2.5 grams of Thiram per kilogram of seed.

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