Potato: How to make the tuber bigger?

Author : Lohit Baisla

All the farmers want that their yield should increase and they should get more profit. They also work hard for this. But sometimes they do not get the right result of their hard work. Potato cultivators also adopt many methods to enlarge the potato tuber. They face a lot of difficulties due to lack of correct information. If you also cultivate potatoes, then from here you can know the ways to increase the size of the tuber.

  • Countryside starter: Use 8 kg country starter per acre of farmland. By its use, nutrients are supplied to the crops and the number of fruits and flowers increases. It also increases the size and yield of potato tubers.

  • Potash: Use of potash increases the size of potato tubers. Along with this, the quality of potatoes also increases. While preparing the field add 60 kg of potash per acre of field. If potash has not been added while preparing the field, then you can also spray it in the standing crop.

  • Boron: The use of boron also increases the size of potato tubers. Boron should be used twice in potato crop. First spraying is done about 40 days after sowing of tubers. Apply boron for the second time 60 days after sowing.

  • Gibberellic acid: Use of 2 grams of Gibberellic acid per acre of field increases the size of tubers. Do this spray 50 to 55 days after sowing.

things to note

  • Many farmers spray alcohol to increase the size of potato tubers and increase the yield. Doing so is injurious to health. Therefore, do not spray alcohol in the crop.

  • The use of excessive amounts of fertilizers and micronutrients also has an adverse effect on the potato crop. In such a situation, the farmers may have to face loss instead of profit.

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21 September 2021


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