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Papaya: What to do for good yield?

Papaya: What to do for good yield?

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 18/11/2020

Papaya plants are less spreading than other fruit plants. Therefore, by planting more plants in less area, farmers can earn more profit. To get a good yield of papaya, it is necessary to keep many things in mind. These include planting of plants at the right time, amount of manure and fertilizer, irrigation, etc. If you are cultivating papaya, then to get good yield, do the cultivation keeping in mind the information given below.

  • Avoid cultivating papaya in heavy and sandy soil for good yield.

  • The pH level of the soil should be between 6.5 to 7.0.

  • While preparing the field, make the soil level by plowing 2 to 3 times.

  • 15 days before transplanting, prepare 50 cm wide pits of 50 cm depth in the field.

  • Make pits at a distance of about 2 meters.

  • Application of manure and fertilizer in proper quantity is essential for the growth of plants. Therefore, before transplanting plants, mix 200 grams of nitrogen, 200 grams of phosphorus and 400 grams of potash with cow dung per plant.

  • After planting the plants, fill the pits with soil to a height of 10-15 cm from the ground surface.

  • After filling the soil, apply light irrigation.

  • During the rainy season, soil should be offered near the plants. This will prevent rainwater from accumulating in the stems and will keep the plants from wilting.

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By keeping the things mentioned in this post in mind, you can get a better crop of papaya. If you liked this information then please like this post. Also share this post with other farmer friends. Ask us questions related to papaya cultivation through comments.

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