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Paddy Leaf Wrap Pest

Paddy Leaf Wrap Pest

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 6/8/2020

Paddy crop suffers a lot due to leaf wrapping insect. If there is an outbreak of this pest on your paddy crop, then to get rid of it, follow the measures given in this post. Along with prevention measures, you can also get information about the identification and damage caused by the pest from here.

identification of pests

  • This insect lays eggs in groups on the leaves of paddy.

  • In about 6 to 8 days, the larva starts hatching from the eggs.

  • The trunks of this insect are yellow in color in the beginning.

  • Later, their color becomes green and brownish crooked lines are visible on the wings.

damage caused by

  • These pests first eat the soft parts of the leaves.

  • After this, making a thread with her saliva, she starts twisting the leaves from the edge.

  • After turning the leaves, they start eating the leaves by scraping them from inside.

  • This adversely affects plant growth and crop yields.

preventive measures

  • Destroy the eggs by plucking the leaves on which their eggs are laid.

  • It is necessary to control weeds in the field. It has been seen that these pests first grow on weeds and then attack the paddy crop.

  • Apply 8-10 kg per acre of Fipronil 0.3% granule after 15-20 days of planting.

  • Spray 150-180 ml Lambdasylanthrin 2.5 percent EC in 200 to 250 liters of water per acre of crop.

  • Apart from this, spraying of 250 ml Deltamethrin 2.8 percent SL in 200 liters of water per acre crop also gives relief from this pest.

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