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Onion: Measures to control wet fall disease

Onion: Measures to control wet fall disease

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 15/11/2020

Moist fall disease is emerging as a serious problem in onion crop. Apart from onion, many other crops like tomato, cauliflower, cucumber, ginger, lentil, maize, peas, capsicum, potato, etc. are also affected due to this disease. This disease can occur before the germination of seeds and even after the plants have grown. See the harm caused by this disease and the measures to prevent it from here.

cause of disease

  • The disease is caused by a fungus of the Pythium species.

  • This fungus survives for many years in soil and crop residues.

  • The disease is spread through the equipment used for farming.

damages caused

  • Disease before germination hinders seed germination and causes seed rot.

  • When the disease occurs after the plants grow, the stems of the affected plants start rotting.

  • Brown or brown water-filled spots appear on the stem.

  • The plant withers and falls.

methods of protection

  • To protect the plants from this disease, choose disease free certified seeds.

  • Avoid cultivating onion in the area where outbreak of this disease has been observed.

  • Clean the equipment used for farming thoroughly.

  • Remove and destroy the affected plant residues from the field.

  • Destroy the affected plants if they show signs of disease.

  • Before sowing treat seed with Thiram at 3 gm per kg.

  • Soak the plants in Captan's mixture before transplanting.

  • To avoid this, sprinkle 25 to 30 grams of Dehat Full Stop in 15 liters of water.

  • Apart from this, sprinkle 1 gram Bavistin per liter of water.

  • If required, after 15 days, can be sprayed again.

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