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Nitrogen beneficial or harmful to crops

Nitrogen beneficial or harmful to crops

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 8/11/2020

Nitrogen has been used in crops for many years. But this nitrogen is as beneficial for crops as it is harmful. To get more information about the use of nitrogen in crops, watch this video in its entirety. If you found this information important, then like this post and ask your questions related to us through comments. Stay connected with the countryside for more information related to agriculture.

Courtesy : DD Kisan

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स्टार्टर के प्रयोग से बढ़ाएं रबी फसलों का उत्पादन
स्टार्टर के प्रयोग से बढ़ाएं रबी फसलों का उत्पादन
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