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Mustard kit mahu treatment

Mustard kit mahu treatment

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 14/4/2020

This insect infant and adult plants gentle Tno, leaves, flowers, and suck fresh bean juice is her weak damaged I as well Mdhusrav to suck the juice of the leaves is also gets an outbreak of black mold on the Mdhusrav And the process of photosynthesis is inhibited. The outbreak of this pest persists from January to March. Timely sowing should be done to prevent it.
When the loss of mahu is observed in the field, then insecticide can be applied with one of these insecticides like 12-15 ml victor or tatamida and 10 gm. 15 liters to a sharp or ruby
Dissolve in water and spray it at least thrice at an interval of 8-10 days.

Farmer brothers! Planting 5-6 yellow sticky traps per acre in mustard fields can also save the crop from the outbreak of lahi.

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