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Mustard co-crop: Guarantee of good production

Mustard co-crop: Guarantee of good production

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 19/9/2020

Co-cropping farming proves to be a boon for the farmers. It is a panacea for alleviating the poverty of the farmers and for good production. In co-cropping, you can cultivate multiple crops at a time in the same field. If you are looking to cultivate mustard this season, then you can earn more profit by cultivating some other crops along with mustard.

Which crops should be cultivated with mustard?

  • Wheat, gram, linseed, potato, sugarcane can be co-cropped with mustard.

Why choose these crops for mustard co-crop?

  • Pay special attention to the length of the roots when selecting crops.

  • The roots of hard wheat are 2-3 inches deep. The roots of linseed and mustard are 4-5 inches deep. At the same time, the roots of gram are 6 to 8 inches deep.

  • Due to the difference in the depth of the roots, the plants get sufficient amount of nutrients and moisture.

  • The gram crop releases the most nitrogen and wheat plants require the most nitrogen. In this way co-cropping can yield better yields.

Benefits of co-cropping

  • This method of farming saves water.

  • Due to the absence of vacant land, the problem of weeds is less.

  • The need for manure and fertilizers is also less.

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