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Mustard: Prevention from sucking insects

Mustard: Prevention from sucking insects

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 18/11/2020

The infestation of sap-sucking insects is highest in mustard crop. Due to which about 50 to 60 percent of the crop can be destroyed. The quality of the crop is also affected by the sucking insects. It is very important to control these pests in time. From here you can see the identification, damage and prevention methods of some of the major sap-sucking pests of mustard crop.

  • Mahu: This insect is also known as Chopa or Al in different regions. The length of this light green-yellow insect is 1 to 1.5 mm. Such pests are found in groups on the undersides of leaves and twigs of flowers. They damage the crop by sucking the sap from different parts of the plant. To reduce its infestation, pluck and destroy the leaves, flowers and branches affected by the pest. Spraying with 1 ml imidacloprid per liter of water can be used to control mahu pest.

  • Dhauliya insect: Red, yellow and orange spots are made on this black colored insect. These pests cause damage to crops immediately after crop growth and at the time of harvesting. They suck the juice of different parts of the plant, due to which the leaves appear white from the edge. These pests reduce the amount of oil in the grains by sucking the juice from the beans. Irrigate the mustard crop to reduce its infestation. Irrigation kills this insect and its eggs. Before sowing, treat each kg of seed with Imidacloprid 70 WS @ 5 g. Control of this pest can be achieved by spraying 200 ml Malathion 50 EC in 200 liters of water per acre of field.

  • Moyla: It is also called Lahi. The outbreak of Lahi is more in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and its adjoining states. These insects live on the leaves and suck their juice, which hinders the growth of plants and produces less amount of legumes. As a result the yield decreases. To get rid of it, pluck and destroy the affected leaves. Moyla can be easily controlled by spraying 50 ml country hawk in 150 liters of water.

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We hope that by using the medicines mentioned in this post, you can reduce the infestation of sucking insects and can also get better yield of mustard. If you found this information important, then like this post and also share it with other farmer friends. Ask us your questions related to this through comments.

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