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Milking Machine: A modern device for extracting milk from animals

Milking Machine: A modern device for extracting milk from animals

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 9/7/2021

Hands have been used for centuries to extract milk from animals. Even today, most of the cattle rearers extract milk in this traditional way. It takes more time to extract milk by hand. On the other hand, if cleanliness is not taken care of, then there is a risk of getting toenail disease, etc. in animals.

Now you must be thinking that what to do if the milk is not removed from the hands? So you will be happy to know that in this modern era milking machine is available in the market to extract milk from animals. With the help of this modern machine, the milk of the animal can be easily extracted in a few minutes.

If you are not yet aware of Milking Machine then read this post carefully. Now what's the delay, let's get detailed information on milking machine.

What is Milking Machine?

  • It is a modern machine for milking animals. Through this, the milk of animals like cow, buffalo, etc. can be extracted in a few minutes.

  • Along with this, the udders of animals are also massaged with this machine.

Types of Milking Machine

There are mainly 2 types of milking machines.

  • Single Bucket Milking Machine: This machine can extract milk from 10 to 15 animals.

  • Double Bucket Milking Machine: This machine extracts the milk of about 15 to 40 animals. This machine has a trolley. Due to which it is easy to carry milk from one place to another.

Advantages of Milking Machine

  • By extracting milk by this machine, the quantity of milk increases by 10 to 15 percent.

  • 1.5 to 2.0 liters of milk can be drawn per minute. Which saves time.

  • Due to cleanliness, animals can be saved from various infections and deadly diseases.

  • While extracting milk, there is no splatter of straw, hair, cow dung, etc. in the milk. Which gives high quality milk.

  • Milk from the udders gets deposited directly into the boxes.

  • The cost of milking machine maintenance is less.

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