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Method and precautions of taking sample for soil test

Method and precautions of taking sample for soil test

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 25/6/2020

If you want to get a soil test done, then it is very important for you to know about the method of sampling and the precautions to be taken while taking the sample for this process. Our slightest mistake while taking the sample may result in wrong test result. Get information about the method and precautions of taking sample for soil test from here.

Method of taking sample for soil test

  • Mark 8-10 places in the field whose soil is to be tested.

  • Remove grass, pebbles, stones etc. from all marked places.

  • Remove the soil by digging to a depth of 15 cm in all places.

  • Now remove 2-3 cm of soil from all the pits. Mix well the soil removed from all the pits.

  • Now divide the clay into four parts. Mix the soil of the two parts face to face and throw away the remaining soil.

  • Repeat this process till the soil is about 500 grams. The sample taken in this way represents the entire area.

  • Agriculture to check with this sample details like your name, full address, identification of the field, date of sampling, slope of the land, source of irrigation , drainage, next sowing crop, information of previous year crops etc. Send it to the development lab.

Precautions during soil testing

  • Do not take a wet soil sample. If the soil is wet then send the soil sample for testing after drying it in the shade.

  • Use a clean bag to avoid contaminating the soil sample.

  • If different crops are cultivated in different places of the same field, then their samples should also be taken separately.

  • Do not take soil sample of the field where compost, manure, lime, gypsum etc. have been used recently.

  • The soil of the fields, bunds, paths should not be sampled, at least 1-1.5 meters from the edge of the field should be sampled from the inside.

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