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Method and precautions of cutting large seed tubers of potatoes

Method and precautions of cutting large seed tubers of potatoes

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 7/10/2020

About 3 times more yield can be obtained by cutting large seed tubers of potatoes and sowing them. We can cut 1 big tuber into 3 pieces and sow it at 3 different places and we will get many plants from 1 tuber. But it is a risky task. They can become infected with the disease when the tubers are cut. If you are using large seed tubers, here are some important things to keep in mind when harvesting.

Why harvest potato tubers?

  • Generally the tubers used for sowing are of small size.

  • But if the size of the seed tubers is large, then it is sown by cutting the seed tubers.

  • Sowing by cutting the seed tubers also increases the yield.

  • Large potato tubers can be cut into several smaller pieces.

  • Use a sharp knife or blade to cut the tubers.

Precautions while cutting:

  • While cutting the tubers, pay special attention not to damage the eyes of the potato in the process of cutting.

  • Sometimes it happens that some potatoes are infected with diseases. In such a situation, other tubers can also be affected by the disease with the knife used to cut potatoes.

  • This is a major problem faced by the farmers at the time of potato harvesting. To avoid this, isolate the potatoes infected with the disease.

  • Take the seeds from a certified place, so that there is no risk of getting infected with the disease.

  • In order not to spread the disease from infected tubers to other tubers, it is important to use the knife and blade after thoroughly dipping it in a disinfectant solution.

  • You can also take advice from agricultural experts for this process.

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