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Measures to control military pest in maize crop

Measures to control military pest in maize crop

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 20/12/2020

The soldier insect may also be known as the fall army worm. These pests completely destroy the maize crop. That is why it is also called the biggest enemy of crops. A female insect lays 1,700 to 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. From this it can be guessed that its rapid growth. Soldier insects can travel up to 100 kilometers in a day. See the damage and control measures caused by this pest from here.

How do soldiers damage crops?

  • They eat almost all parts of the plants and eat them.

  • The larva of this insect eats the leaves by scraping it. Due to which white stripes start appearing on the leaves.

  • The adult insects completely destroy the crop by eating the upper part of the leaves, grains of maize and the leaves covering it.

How to save crops from the infestation of military pest?

  • Destroy the egg swarm to control the soldier pest.

  • Applying 4 to 6 pheromone traps per acre of field can also control the pest to some extent.

  • Spray 40 gm of Emamectin Benzoate 5 Sg per acre of land.

  • Spraying of 100 gm flubendamide 20 WP or 70 ml spinosad 45 EC can also be done per acre of field.

  • Apart from this, spraying by mixing 4 ml spinatorum (delegate) 11.7 sc per liter of water can be done.

  • For organic control, mix 100 kg of neem cake in one acre of land. Doing this can also prevent the pupa from becoming an adult.

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We hope this post will prove to be effective in controlling the soldier pest. If you found this information important then like this post and share it with maximum farmer friends. So that all the farmers can save their crop from the wrath of this pest. Ask us your questions related to maize farming through comments.

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