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Management of bug pest found in okra crop

Management of bug pest found in okra crop

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 5/8/2020

Dahiya disease is one of the major pests of okra crop. Which is also known as curry pest and dahiya disease in different regions. Earlier dahlia disease was found only in mango plants and some weeds. But with time, now this disease has started appearing in plants like lady's finger, cotton, brinjal, guava, chilli etc.

identification of pests

  • The disease is caused by the mealybug salt moth.

  • These insects are small and oval in appearance.

  • Yellow, light brown or gray in color, these insects are covered with a white wax-like powdery substance.


  • It sucks the sap of the plants and makes the plants weak.

  • White cotton-like clusters begin to emerge on the leaves, stems, flowers and fruits of the plants. Hence it is called Dahiya disease.

  • Due to its infestation, the leaves turn yellow and start twisting.

  • These insects release sticky substances that attract ants and other insects.

preventive measures

  • Choose good healthy seeds.

  • Destroy the weeds in the field and keep the field clean.

  • Destroy the infected part of the plant by separating the plants.

  • Clean and use the equipment used in the infected field.

  • To avoid this, spray 25-30 ml of Chlorpyriphos or 20 ml of Cypermethrin and Chlorpyriphos per 15 liters of water tank.

  • Spray 25 ml per tank of Nutrizyme or Miraculan 4-5 days after spraying the insecticide.

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भिन्डी:दहिया रोग/ मिलीबग
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