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Major pests of millet and their control

Major pests of millet and their control

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 20/7/2020

Millet grains are counted among the coarse grains. Pest control is very important in its crop. Infested pests can completely destroy the crop. So let us know about some of the major pests of millet crop.

  • Termites: Bajra plants are prone to termite outbreaks all the time. They damage the roots of plants by cutting them, which destroys the plants before they can germinate. To avoid termites, add neem cake to the field while preparing the field. In case of termite in standing crop, 1 liter of chloropyriphos 20 percent EC per acre of land. Spray. Do not use dung manure in the field where termite infestation occurs.

  • White Braid: These are insects found inside the ground. The infestation of this pest is more at the time of germination of the plant. They damage the crops by cutting the roots of the plants. To avoid this pest, do deep plowing of the field before sowing and leave it open for few days. Due to this, due to strong sunlight, the insects present in the soil will be destroyed. Along with this, add 8-10 kg Fipronil 0.3% GR per acre of land at the time of tillage.

  • Stem borer pest: These pests destroy the stem of millet by eating it from inside. Due to which the plants become weak and the yield decreases. To prevent this pest, before sowing, apply 8 grams of Imidaclorpid 600 F.S. per kg of seed. treat with. Spraying of 500 ml quinalphos or chloropyriphos in 300-400 liters of water per acre of field can get rid of this pest.

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