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Major pests of groundnut and their control

Major pests of groundnut and their control

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 30/7/2020

There are many pests like termite, mahu, leaf tunnel, white braid, chopa etc., due to which the crop of groundnut can be destroyed. By controlling these pests, we can increase the yield. Along with this, you can also get high quality crops. See here the ways to identify and get rid of various pests for a good harvest.

some major pests

  • Termites: These insects living in the soil damage the crop by cutting the roots of plants. Not only the roots, it also damages the stems of plants and the grains of peanuts. To avoid this, mix 4 kg Chlorpyriphos 10% g per acre of land before sowing. Apart from this, you should sow after treating each kg of seed with 12 ml Chlorpyriphos 20 EC.

  • Chopa: Chopa means aphid insect sucks the sap of leaves and flowers. Due to which there is a lack of green color in the leaves and the growth of the plant stops. To avoid them, spray with 1 ml imidachlorpid per liter of water.

  • Leaf tunnel caterpillar: These insects live in tunnels in the leaves of plants and eat the leaves from inside. Due to which different shapes of shapes start appearing on the leaves. In case of infestation, spray with imidachlorpid 1 ml per liter of water.

  • White Braid: This type of insect eats plants and damages the crop. As a result the plants start drying up. To avoid this pest , spray 10 kg phorate per acre of land.

We hope that by adopting the measures given in this post, you can get rid of various pests of peanuts. If you liked this information, then like this post and ask your questions to us through comments.

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