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Major improved varieties of mango

Major improved varieties of mango

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 23/7/2020

There are about 1,400 varieties of mango. Apart from these varieties, many other wild and Biju varieties of mangoes are also found. There is also a huge difference in the size and taste of different varieties. In our country, Malda , Dussehri, Langra, Bombay, Alphonzo, Keshar, Jardalu, Him Sagar, Mallika, Amrapali, Sindhura, Kishan Bhog, Vanraj , Mankurad, Survan Rekha, Lucknow Safeda etc. Through this post, you can get information about some major varieties of mangoes and their characteristics.

Some major varieties:

  • Alphonso: It is known by many names like Hapus, Badami etc. in different regions of the country. This mango is most liked due to its sweetness and aroma. Its biggest feature is that it does not spoil for a week after ripening. Each mango weighs between 150 and 300 grams. About 120 tonnes of mango fruit is obtained by cultivating it per acre of field.

  • Saffron: Long in size, this type of fruit has good storage capacity. It is popular for its saffron-like fragrance. There is no fiber in the pulp of this variety of mango. It is most commonly used for making milkshakes, sweets etc. Mangoes of this variety are light green and yellow in color.

  • Malda: It is also known as Shehroli in the northeastern states of India. Due to its sweetness, it is very much liked not only in the country but also abroad. It is in great demand in countries like Europe, America, Sweden, Dubai. It is one of the early maturing varieties.

  • Jardalu: It is mainly cultivated in Bihar and West Bengal. It is golden yellow in colour. It has very little fiber and has a mildly sweet taste. After harvesting, it can be stored for 3-4 days at normal temperature.

In the coming post we will publish about some other varieties of mango. If you liked this information, then like this post and share it with other friends.

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