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Litchi : Tips for disorder free, quality production

Litchi : Tips for disorder free, quality production

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 1/2/2021

If you want to cultivate litchi commercially, then high quality varieties should be selected to get high quality fruits. Defect free and high quality fruits are in demand in the national market as well as in the international market. Get information about the work to be done to get disorder free and high quality fruits from here.

  • Fruit size and taste are affected by various pests and diseases. Therefore, keep inspecting the litchi trees at intervals of some time. If insects are attacking the trees, use suitable insecticide to control them.

  • To control various fruit borer pests, spray 15 liters of water mixed with 5 ml countryside cutter.

  • Keep the inside of the garden clean to avoid various diseases and pests.

  • Apply 6 to 7 pheromone traps per acre of field.

  • If there is an outbreak of various diseases in the trees, then to get rid of it, pluck the leaves and twigs affected by the disease and separate them.

  • Stop irrigation work from about 3 months before the arrival of the scene. With irrigation, new leaves will start appearing in the plants and the scenes will be less. As a result, production will also decrease.

  • If possible, keep beehives in the garden at the time of flowering.

  • Fill the main nutrients and micronutrients according to the nutrients present in the soil.

  • Also add 200 g urea, 150 g single super phosphate and 150 g murate of potash to each plant.

  • If symptoms of zinc deficiency are observed, add 150-200 grams of zinc sulphate per tree.

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