Litchi Farming + Beekeeping

Author : Lohit Baisla

Why beekeeping is necessary along with litchi cultivation and how can one get additional benefits from it?

Litchi orchards are smelling of fragrant flowers these days. But due to lack of information, many times farmers are not able to take advantage of it. Here we will tell you how it is necessary to keep bee boxes in litchi orchards and how farmers can take additional benefits from it. We will also discuss here about how beneficial it is and what precautions should be taken for this.

Benefits of beekeeping along with litchi:

Bees are an important contributor to effective pollination after 10% of flowers have bloomed in a litchi flower cluster. Bees help in timely pollination by collecting pollen from flowers. In this way, it is very beneficial to keep the bee box in the litchi orchard. According to agricultural scientists, “Planting 10-15 such boxes per hectare of area helps in better fruiting. Along with this, farmers can also produce good quality honey by doing bee keeping which gives them additional profit.” At the same time, farmers who keep bee with litchi believe that bees also act as a friend for them. Sometimes in the gardens, small black birds peck at the litchi flowers and make them fall, but the flowers on which the bees hover, the birds do not come there. This helps a lot in preserving the litchi flowers. Whereas bees do not cause any harm to litchi flowers.

What precautions should be taken in beekeeping with litchi cultivation?

In the litchi orchard, as soon as the process of fruit formation starts after flowering, proper spraying should be done in the garden by removing the bee boxes. Failure to do so may result in damage to the bees. At the same time, due to the quality and taste of litchi based honey, it has a good demand in the market. Also, for the improved crop of litchi, it is considered necessary to have them in the garden.

21 September 2021


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