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Lentils: Remedies to prevent the disease

Lentils: Remedies to prevent the disease

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 5/11/2020

Uktha disease is one of the most rapidly spreading diseases. If it is not controlled in time, then the crop can be completely destroyed. If you are not aware of the symptoms of this deadly disease and the measures to prevent it, then read this post carefully. From here you can see how to get rid of Fusarium wilt, a disease that occurs in lentils.

cause of disease

  • Uktha disease is caused by a fungus of the Fusarium group living in the soil.

  • Climate change is also one of the main reasons for the occurrence of this disease.

symptom of disease

  • The upper leaves and other soft parts of the plants affected by Uktha disease start wilting.

  • As the disease progresses, the entire plant dries up.

  • Black, red or brown thread-like fungi can be seen inside when the stems are plucked near the root.

preventive measures

  • By adopting crop rotation, the chances of getting this disease are greatly reduced.

  • Remove disease-infected plants from the field and destroy them.

  • Do not cultivate lentils in infected areas.

  • Before sowing, treat the seed with Trichoderma Viridi 1% WP @ 10 g per kg seed.

  • While preparing the field, mix 1.5 to 2 kg of Trichoderma viridi in 40 kg of decomposed cow dung per acre and mix it evenly in the field.

  • Apart from this, sprinkle 3 grams of copper oxy chloride per liter of water.

  • On showing signs of disease, apply Carbendazim 50 WP 0.2% solution to the roots of plants.

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By adopting the methods mentioned in this post, you can easily control this deadly disease. If you found this information necessary, then like this post and also share it with other farmers. Ask us your questions related to lentil farming through comments.

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