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Lady finger: Solution to the problem of fruit borer pest

Lady finger: Solution to the problem of fruit borer pest

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 11/4/2021

Bhindi is known by many names like Okra, Lady Finger, Ram Taroi, etc. It is very much liked among green vegetables. Its consumption is helpful in reducing cholesterol. Along with this, it is also beneficial for patients of diabetes and anemia. Due to the many benefits of okra, its demand always remains. But sometimes due to the infestation of fruit borer insects, there is heavy damage to the okra crop. See here how to protect lady's finger from the infestation of fruit borer.

How do fruit borer pests cause damage to okra crop?

  • Insect caterpillars pierce the tender stem of the plant. As a result, the stem and the upper part of the plants start drying up.

  • After some time these pests pierce the fruits and damage the crop by eating the fruits from inside.

  • Affected fruits become crooked in shape.

  • Holes start appearing in the okra fruits.

  • As the infestation of the fruit borer increases, the fruits and flowers start falling before development.

How to control fruit borer pest?

  • To control fruit borer, install 6-8 pheromone traps per acre of field.

  • To prevent the spread of this pest, isolate the affected parts from the plants and destroy them.

  • This pest can be easily controlled by spraying by mixing 50 ml countryside cutter in 150 liters of water.

  • Apart from this, to control fruit borer pests, you can also spray 5 ml neem oil per liter of water.

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