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Key Points for Better Peach Farming

Key Points for Better Peach Farming

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 19/8/2020

Peach included in exotic fruits is also called Satlu or Peach. Cultivation of peach which is attractive to look and tasty to eat is proving to be a better source of income for the farmers. Due to getting more fruits in less time, farmers are showing their interest towards its cultivation. If you want to cultivate it, then from here you can get information about some important things related to its cultivation.

  • Rainy season is the best time for transplanting plants.

  • Apart from this, it can be planted in the month of December-January also.

  • It can be cultivated in almost all types of soil.

  • Well drained sandy loam soil is best for its cultivation.

  • The pH level of the soil should be 5.8 and 6.8.

  • Plow the field well and make the field level.

  • Planting of plants should be done at a distance of about 15 to 20 feet.

  • Keep destroying weeds from the field at regular intervals.

  • Its plants do not require much irrigation.

  • Even better crop can be obtained by irrigation 6 times in a year.

  • Irrigate at an interval of 10 to 15 days in cold weather.

  • Irrigation is not required during the rainy season.

  • The crop should be irrigated at the time of flowering, cutting stage and fruit development.

  • Use 10 kg of compost or cow dung for each plant of one year. Also all plants require 200 grams of urea, 190 grams of phosphate and 150 grams of potash.

  • To give good shape to the plants, cutting-pruning of branches should be done.

  • Plants start bearing fruits after 2 years of transplanting. Plants bear fruit once a year.

  • The fruits should be harvested when the color of the fruits changes and the flesh becomes soft.

  • It is harvested between April and May.

  • Harvest the fruit with the stalk. This will prevent damage to the fruits at the time of harvesting and will also increase the storage capacity of the fruits.

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